NeuroVentures is a specialty venture capital firm dedicated to investing in companies focused on the discovery, development and marketing of new drugs, medical devices and other therapeutics and technologies to treat Central Nervous System disorders. NeuroVentures was founded in 2000 by a team of experienced venture capital and life science professionals and advised an internationally recognized network of medical and scientific experts.  For additional information please contact:

Dan O’Connell, founding member and managing partner djo@neuroventures.com


Central Nervous System and related diseases and disorders constitute the largest area of unmet medical need and cause more human suffering and economic burden than all other areas of healthcare. 

Companies that successfully discover and develop innovative therapies for CNS indications will generate superior investment returns.

NeuroVentures, with its primary focus on private CNS biotech and medical devices companies, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the value potential of this broad and dynamic segment of healthcare.